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Chicago: An Incomplete Ode

10 minute read


One block away from our apartment on W Polk Street in Chicago was Jarabe, arguably the - indulge me for a moment - greatest Mexican street food place in the world. When they first opened shop back in 2016, my taste in Mexican food was limited to the few places in and around University City in West Philadelphia. Ugly Delicious hadn’t begun streaming on Netflix, so South Philly Barbacoa was still unknown to me. Read more

Byline in the Washington Post!

less than 1 minute read


I wrote an article for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog with my collaborators, Profs. Kokil Jaida and Yphtach Lelkes. In this piece, we discussed some of our findings on the political biases on American Twitter, in light of recent spats between Trump and the social media company. Read more

Publication in Political Communication

less than 1 minute read


Back in the Spring of 2018, when my friend Tian Yang and I pitched a proposal for the final paper for a research methods class, little did we expect anything to happen out of it. We really had no reason to. Back then, both Tian and I did purely observational research - which is really just a fancy word for analyzing data. However, we shared a mutual interest in running behavioral experiments. So what began on a cursory whim more than two years ago, finally saw the light of day last month when it was published in the Political Communication journal. Read more

A (somewhat) pensive note about my PhD journey

1 minute read


Back in 2015, when Nilanjana and I embarked on our respective graduate school journeys, little did we anticipate things to turn out the way they did: halfway through this journey, we were married; six months later, I had left Philadelphia and moved to Chicago; another two years down, with an unprecedented pandemic raging around the world and with the US living through an extraordinary political moment, we had defended our PhD dissertations within a week of each other. Read more

PhD Acknowledgments

11 minute read


I defended my PhD dissertation today! Because a PhD is so much more than an individual effort, this is what I wrote in the acknowledgements section of my dissertation: Read more