Second Publication in Political Communication!

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Our paper on the political landscape of the U.S. Twitterverse was recently published in Political Communication!

This is probably one of my favourite works so far for two main reasons: one, it was a super fun collaboration, and two, because this paper came out as a by-product. Back in 2019, we had scraped the Twitter following lists of thousands of U.S. based Twitter accounts for this bigger project that we had been working on (and one that we are still working on today), and one day, randomly decided that this would be a fun side-analysis to do.

I also love this paper because at various stages, its pre-print yielded a byline in The Washington Post, an interview at La Presse, and a somewhat viral Twitter thread.

Find it here or if you don’t have access to it, check out the pre-print.

polcomm twitterverse screengrab