(Another) Publication in Journal of Communication!

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Super excited to announce (another!) publication in the Journal of Communication - this time in a Special Issue (Social Media: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) with my collaborators Tian Yang (at CUHK) and Yilang Peng (at UGeorgia).

We use a large (N ~ 2.23M) longitudinal dataset of Facebook posts published by American media outlets to understand the effects of audience engagement (as measured by Facebook metrics) with news topics on the future production of news of that topic in subsequent news cycles. Methodologically, this was one of the most demanding papers I’ve worked on as it required careful statistical controls and a slew of robustness tests to ensure any effects we were estimating captured the signal amid the noise.

Find it here, or if you don’t have access, check out the pre-print. You can also check out the Twitter summary thread here.

joc metrics screengrab