Publication in Political Communication

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Back in the Spring of 2018, when my friend Tian Yang and I pitched a proposal for the final paper for a research methods class, little did we expect anything to happen out of it. We really had no reason to. Back then, both Tian and I did purely observational research - which is really just a fancy word for analyzing data. However, we shared a mutual interest in running behavioral experiments. So what began on a cursory whim more than two years ago, finally saw the light of day last month when it was published in the Political Communication journal.

My favorite part of this paper is that it had virtually no faculty supervision. Of course, while we had lab-mates and advisors who provided helpful feedback to see it through till the end, it was largely Tian and I, carefully managing our meagre research funding, Skyping once every fortnight, and scratching our heads through most of 2019.

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