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Friday, 8 January 2010


Have a four hour break from classes now, so I have scurried back to the warn confines of my room, and as I type ... chik chik chik ... my fingers blaze at the keys ... but, an extraordinarily frigid weather, numbs them to the core. Temperatures have dropped here like anything, and as I look out of the window, all I see is fog ... fog ... and fog ... A glance at my watch reminds me that its past 11 o' clock in the morning, but weirdly, the dense fog, makes it impossible to reconcile the reality with what it seems to be. Wearing four layers of clothes, does not at all deter the cold from penetrating right into my skin, and at this instant, dressed as a wannabe polar explorer ... all I can do, is shiver and quiver like a trembling hare in front of a lion, wishing that things could possibly have been a bit more comfortable.
I have never thought that I would actually be staying in so cold a place. It's OK in vacations and all, where the cold can actually be fun, but when you have to actually live through this cold for some tens of days, it can turn out be a spot of bother for you. A big spot. Consider this. You are in hostel, so there is absolutely no way you can hit the bed at night before 2 or 3 AM. And once you've done that, you cannot afford to get up before 7 AM ... and now that's it shockingly cold, the 7 AM deadline itself, takes a thousand times larger will power, and determination. Why 7 AM? You may ask ... well, classes for me start at 8 AM this semester thanks to a bogus timetable that I managed to obtain. Baths are out of question, unless you really want to hurt yourself, and going out to the mess during meals has almost become a compulsion, despite of the good hot food we get here.

Hang on ... I'll be back!

It's night now ... and I return to complete this post.

So second semester has begun, and I now have my very own laptop to spend time with, therefore I am using it to the fullest. Classes have begun as well, and we have three new subjects this sem. Probability and Statistics which replaces Thermodynamics, Comp Programming, which replaces Bio, and Workshop Practice which replaces Engineering Graphics. The profs have started droning on in their ever monotonous voices in the huge lecture dromes ... which are chillingly frigid now. Moving around the campus, all you get to see through the murky fog, are (leaving aside the peacocks), students marching, alone or with friends, too numbed to speak, to chilled to look up and withstand the piercing cold of the misty drafts of air. Brr ... even typing this post has become difficult now ... should be 7-8 deg outside ... plunging to near zero in a few more hours ... shall curl into my bed with a movie now :)

see you people, and will be back :)
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